Manufacturer, wholesaler, exporter of
925 fine silver & 14k gold jewellery

About Us


JewelleryForest is a foreign multinational company based in Jaipur India, bringing with it new machinery and jewelry manufacturing techniques into the Indian market. Situated in the SEZ (Special Economic Zone) we are able to extend our global reach more effectively with direct exports, thus minimizing delays as well as offering added security.

More importantly we are combining the better of two worlds. India has long been known for its gem cutting and cost effective labor, while high standard in technique and quality of finish have usually been found abroad. This translates into a high quality item meeting international standards, while being offered at a far more reasonable price. Each department is individually run and checked by a technician, thus ensuring that standards are maintained while re-training and introducing new skills to the local work force.


  • High quality finishing at competitive rate
  • Large variety of designs from all over the world
  • International management team permanently on site
  • Gemstone cutting done in house
  • Customized jewellery with prompt follow up
  • Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, Rhodium and Silver plating
  • Ability to source directly from local and international market

JewelleryForest is a company that can effectively meet the above. Our primary focus is OEM production for larger concerns, with a minimal order of only 10 pieces per design. Our Silver jewelry is set with real gem stones (either precious or semi-precious) and stamped 92.5.

With our master goldsmith on site we can have a sample range made according to your drawings or CAD design, or reproduce and change pieces according to your needs.

Should you have any queries please feel free to contact us.